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We are a medium-sized, German company from Muenster, which has been on the market since 2013 and is continually growing. In our business, we want to provide all customers with the best possible and fast service and make software purchases as easy as possible. Our motivation: finally enable up-to-date software purchase. We believe that the traditional ways of sourcing software just do not fit into today's world. No one has plenty of free time to go to a store or order DVDs online if they need new software. Also, computer architectures have become so complex today that it does not always work to install software properly on the first attempt. With all the problems that arise during installation, you are then completely alone in the traditional software purchase. If you need help, you have to pay dearly. That's why we want to finally bring the purchase of software to a contemporary level: with low prices that we can offer as specialized dealers because we pass on our price advantages to our customers. With the up-to-date download of software and the simultaneous online purchase of a suitable license key, so that the entire software purchase can be completed within minutes. And with dedicated help and comprehensive support for our customers, so that even with installation problems no one feels alone and every customer receives quick and competent help. We think that's contemporary.


Grow, learn, expand as our motto


We are constantly developing, constantly expanding our offers and trying to offer our customer service at the highest possible level: fast, competent and reliable. Our commitment to quality is important to us - and it is also our motivation to continue to evolve and to offer our customers every conceivable service possible when purchasing the software.


Business for Business: Business customers are our most important partners


Our particular attention is still on business customers: We are entrepreneurs and know from our own experience, how time-consuming and cumbersome the subject of software could be in a company. Here we want to improve something for entrepreneurs.


Even private users should enjoy comprehensive service


After sustaining our position in the market, last year we decided to offer our service to private users. One of our most trusted and experienced associates, Mr. Saljihi has taken this into his own hands and has been striving to provide all home users with the same level of service and support which is available to our business and home users at the lowest cost of the software.


In the same team with our customers


In addition to our uncompromising commitment to enhancing the quality, we also highly value the team spirit and customer orientation as our most important guiding values. We always try to be fair, competent and helpful in every situation. The fact that we have succeeded in the first few years of our business is thanks to our customers, we received many awards including a seal as a "top recommendation" by proven experts that record, evaluate and measure customers reviews.

It is also important for us that our customers are satisfied because that's what gets us excited about our business


So if you have any comments, suggestions or hints for us on how we can provide even better service to our customers, please do not hesitate to contact us, or simply send us an email with your suggestions! We're happy about every feedback.




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