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Product information "Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit"

The New Windows 10, will impress you!

A high-quality operating system is a basis for efficient operation on the computer. The task of this software is to control all computing processes and to make them as efficient as possible. As a result, even with complicated programs, there are minimal waiting times. Also, the operating system is the interface between the hardware and the user. All elements of the computer are accessible through the operating system. This should, therefore, make it easy and intuitive to use. If you value a high-quality operating system, you can buy Windows 10 for it in the professional version.


Optimize your processes perfectly with Windows 10

Are you looking for a way to optimize workloads in your company safely and meaningfully? Then the new Windows 10 will inspire you. With Win 10, Microsoft has taken the step towards completely new user experience and an even more intuitive application in itself. How does it work? By making the best use of the interfaces between the operating system itself and the user before it. With Win 10 you not only have full access to all data, programs, and possibilities of your computer - but you can also operate them via a touchscreen in the most natural way. There are many reasons to buy  Windows 10- from the excellent price-performance ratio here at to the extreme performance of this operating system. Convince yourself and become one of the many fans and lovers of the new, better and most natural Microsoft operating system of all the time.

Buy Win 10 - the best choice for every user

The Microsoft operating system Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems on earth. And for a good reason. Over the years, the various Windows operating systems have repeatedly offered the possibility of controlling and using one's computer as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Windows 10 takes the next step and is long overdue in many areas. The new Windows operating system not only has more features than its predecessors - but it also has a simpler operation, more secure application and more stable throughout the program.

Buy Windows 10 - the right operating system for every user

In addition to the return of the popular Start menu, which had briefly disappeared in Windows 8, Windows 10 offers the possibility of controlling a large number of applications via voice command with the Cortana Personal Assistant. Also, Windows 10, like the previous versions, comes in different versions. Microsoft has specifically addressed the individual target groups so that it is worthwhile for every user of a suitable device to buy Windows 10. The individual variants are:

Take a look at the respective operating systems in peace - the variant suitable for you, your home network or your company computer is certainly in between. And here at IT-Nerd24 you can buy Win 10 and enjoy an excellent price.


Windows 10: the current operating system from Microsoft

In 2015, Microsoft launched its new Windows 10 operating system. Compared to its predecessor versions, this convinces with its outstanding efficiency and high stability. For the user, however, the practical functions of the operating system are in the foreground. An important innovation, for example, is the reintroduction of the start menu. This familiar from Windows 7 menu the developers had removed from Windows 8. However, users took this step very negatively. This is one of the key reasons why Windows 8 did not have much success. To fix this problem, Microsoft introduced Windows 10, the popular Start menu, which provides, among other things, direct access to frequently used programs. The staff assistant Cortana also provided a lot of attention. This was already known from the smartphone operating systems of Microsoft, in the field of PCs, however, he presented a novelty. This makes it possible to do many tasks quickly and easily utilizing keyboard input or voice assistant or retrieve useful information.

DIRECTX 12: An Exclusive Windows 10

DIRECTX 12 is an asset for game editors and gamers it represents the innovative detail of Windows 10. This article offers significant improvement, allowing players to enjoy a graphic experience with extraordinary effects. Gaming inputs are more meaningful and more interoperable, including more frames per second, reduced memory usage, more detailed visual effects, more fluid animations with consistent frame rate enhancement ...

Windows 10 Professional: A high-quality operating system for professional users

Windows 10 is available in several different versions. The standard version is called Windows 10 Home. Besides, there are Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education. As the name implies, Windows 10 Professional is designed for people who use their computer for work, for example in combination with Microsoft Office Standard. If, for example, you have the opportunity to bring your computer in your company and use it to complete your tasks, you can install the Windows 10 Professional operating system for this purpose. This offers many important functions that are important in working life. For example, logging in to cloud services or the company's corporate server is easy. If your company uses Azure AD, the handy join option, which is not included in the Home version, brings many benefits. For example, you stay logged in for a long period without having to confirm it every time. Since the company's data should not fall into the wrong hands, the Professional version also puts a special emphasis on security. Even the home version has high-quality security. In the Professional version, however, you can use many additional features - such as BitLocker encryption. Although this operating system is designed to meet the needs of professional users, you can also use it privately. If you are looking for great security at home and want to use many more handy features, then Windows 10 Professional is the right choice for you.

Buy Windows 10: special offers at it-nerd24

If you want to buy Windows 10 Professional at a low price, then it-nerd24 is the right supplier for you. Here you get a high-quality operating system for professional use at a very low price. The reason for this, among other things, is our well-thought-out purchasing policy. We buy surplus stocks from other suppliers at very reasonable prices. Besides, we can save further costs through efficient internal organization and by eliminating physical data carriers. We pass on these price advantages directly to our customers, so that you can buy it-nerd24 Windows 10 Professional at a very low price.

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14 Jul 2020

Schnelle Lieferung und Schnelle Hilfe mit Kreditkarte gekauft und den Key sofort erhalten.

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5 May 2020

Sehr gutes Service sehr Hilfsbereit.

Sofort geholfen ,fragen wurden beantwortet und es gab schnelle Reaktionen .Alles Aktiviert und Funktioniert.
Sehr Zufrieden kann ich auf jeden Empfehlen.

27 Apr 2020

I can only recommend it!

Everything without problems
Downloaded file, unpacked on USB stick, booted from USB, installed, activated:

31 Mar 2020

Windows 10 Pro. Kauf

Lizenzschlüssel per Mail erhalten, funktionierte nicht. Mit Hilfe des Support-Teams neuen Lizenzschlüssel erhalten und dann hat es geklappt.
Insgesamt also sehr gutes Produkt und Hilfestellung bei Problemen schnell und unkompliziert.

27 Feb 2020

Vous recevrez tout sous peu, processus de commande très rapidement.


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