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Product information "Windows Server 2016 Standard 16 Core"

Take the step towards the future with Windows Server 2016

Today, there is hardly any way to run a company without a corresponding company server optimally and effectively. Because IT  keeps the individual departments talking, what makes communication possible, and what ensures that every employee has the data and information they need at all times. To ensure that, you need a great operating system that not only gives you the power to control your corporate server but also enable you to get the most from your network. Exactly this solution offers Windows Server 2016.

Windows Server 2016 Standard - the best solution for future-oriented companies

Anyone who has decided to buy Windows Server 2016 has yet to decide which of the possible licenses that are best for their own business. Besides the possibility to use Windows Server 2016 standard, the variants are also available Windows Server 2016 Essentials and Windows Server 2016 Datacenter in the room.

While the Essentials variant is primarily targeted to very small businesses, the Datacenter implementation targets businesses with a very large number of virtual systems. This means that the broad midfield of companies, and thus probably the largest target group, is well supplied with the Windows Server 2016 standard. In addition to a high level of security and quick and easy optimization of the existing computing resources, Windows Server 2016 Standard offers the possibility to integrate cloud storage directly into the network, thus making an important step towards the future of server utilization.

Windows Server 2016 at the best price - only at it-nerd24

Here at, you will certainly find an excellent price-performance ratio when it comes to buying licenses such as those for Windows Server 2016. The main reason why we can offer Windows Server 2016 at a very fair price is that we always have the goal of offering you the most important and necessary systems for the best possible use of your IT as cheaply as possible , It goes without saying that the licenses acquired here, despite the low price, contain the full scope of services and are absolutely legally secure.

A company server has become indispensable for most companies. One of his most important tasks is to save data. This gives employees plenty of storage space. Also, other employees can retrieve information. This promotes internal communication. Also, the server can perform elaborate computational processes that require a lot of time for a typical computer. He can provide the employees with a variety of applications and also serve as a web server. To accomplish all these tasks, a suitable server operating system is necessary. Windows Server 2016 Standard is ideal for this task.

Simplify the transition from usage scenarios to the cloud with Hyper-V and save storage costs with the same hypervisor used by Azure. Then, easily migrate from the local platform to a Windows Server virtual machine in the cloud.

The operating system: important for the operation of a server

The tasks of a server operating system are extremely diverse. Like the operating system of an ordinary PC, it is also the responsibility of the server to coordinate the computing processes. It determines, for example, which user gets access to the processor and the main memory. These decisions have a big impact on the performance of the entire system. Especially with servers that often have multiple processors and storage units and also run many processes at the same time, an efficient operating system is an enormous importance. Also, the server operating system must control the access of the clients. It checks whether the user is allowed to access the corresponding resources. It also enables easy and efficient communication over the network. The tasks of the server operating system clearly show that this has a great impact on work in a company. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about which software is suitable for this.  

Windows Server 2016: Security is paramount

One of the key aspects that set Windows Server 2016 apart from its predecessors is the significant improvement in security. Multiple vulnerabilities were one of the main criticisms of Microsoft's previous server operating systems. Therefore, the developers have greatly improved this area. An example of this is the Credential Guard. This protects the most sensitive passwords with special virtualization that only privileged software can access. Also, the developers have found that a large part of the attacks takes place within their corporate network. Therefore, they have introduced the ability to significantly restrict access rights. While in previous versions an authorized technician had access to all server areas, it is now possible to assign the rights only for a specific area and also to limit their time.

Continuous upgrade

Upgrade the Hyper-V and Scalable File Server clusters to Windows Server 2016 without worrying about the downtime of the program or the scenario being used. You do not need any new hardware for this.

Other features of the current server operating system


Also, Windows Server 2016 convinces by many more new features. For example, the operating system is now geared towards much more powerful computers. While Windows Server 2012 supported only 320 logical processors and 4 TB of memory, these values are now 512 processors or 24 TB. Therefore, the operating system is also suitable for new systems that offer significantly more computing power due to technical development. The new Hyper-V containers and the Nano server are among the advantages offered by this server software.

Windows Server 2016 Standard compared to other versions
 Windows Server 2016 is not only available in the standard version. Also, there are the Essentials and Datacenter versions. The Essentials version is only suitable for smaller companies with a maximum of 25 users. The other two versions are also suitable for larger businesses. The standard and data center versions differ primarily in the number of virtual machines they allow. In the standard version, this is limited to two. The data center version, however, allows any number of virtual machines. This makes it ideal for businesses that value virtualization.

Windows Server 2016 buy cheaply: of course it-nerd24

It-nerd24 is the right provider for all customers who want to buy Windows Server 2016 at a low price. A clever purchasing policy, well-thought-out internal organization and efficient sales lead to considerable price advantages here. You benefit as a customer.


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