Windows Server 2019 RDS - 1 User CAL

Windows Server 2019 RDS - 1 User CAL

Windows Server 2019 RDS - 1 User CAL





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Product information "Windows Server 2019 RDS - 1 User CAL"

Windows Server 2019 RDS User & Device CALs

With the introduction of the new server operating system Windows Server 2019, Microsoft also presented the associated software for the remote service. This gives companies the ability to outsource many computing processes from users' computers to the server, creating a highly efficient IT infrastructure.

RDS: What does it mean?

The abbreviation RDS stands for Remote Desktop Service. This is the implementation that Microsoft offers for small clients in conjunction with the Windows Server. The basic idea behind this technique is that the computers used during the work have minimal hardware. They are connected via a network directly to the server. The programs that the user executes do not run on his computer but the server. The computer in the workplace is primarily responsible for input and output. This brings numerous benefits to setting up the IT infrastructure. For example, the hardware can be used much more efficiently if it is provided centrally. Besides, the maintenance is associated with a significantly lower cost.

Windows Server 2019 RDS: What are the advantages of the latest version?

Windows Server 2019 RDS is the latest version for Windows Remote Desktop Services. It brings many advantages compared to the previous version. Particularly the easier administration of access licenses. Besides, Windows Server 2019 RDS is characterized by forwarding compatibility. Therefore, you can continue to use this program even if a new version of Windows Server appears. The safety was improved again. For example, virtual machines now have better isolation. Also, the Windows Defender has been optimized for these applications. Finally, the 2019 version is characterized by single sign-in. This ensures optimum safety and, at the same time, a high degree of user comfort. Finally, the latest version provides the ability to easily encrypt the data. Also, the development of new technology for the processing of graphics-intensive processes is very advantageous.

This significantly reduces the required network capacity and therefore ensures a smoother flow. Remote Desktop CAL is the licensing model from Microsoft. If you use the Windows Server, you not only have to license the actual operating system but also, it is necessary to acquire a license for each user or each terminal used. This is also true if you use RDS. Therefore you need a Windows Server CAL for this. The expression CAL stands for Client Access License. You have two options: you can either license the individual users or a group of users.

Windows Server 2019 RDS User CAL: ideal for employees with many devices. In some companies, employees have a large number of terminals available. Also, they may access the services of the server not only with the computers available at the workplace but also with their devices - with smartphones, tablets or laptops. If the number of devices used is significantly higher than the number of users, it makes sense to purchase a Windows Server 2019 RDS User CAL, so it will be necessary to license each user only once.

Then they can access the server with any number of devices. Windows Server 2019 RDS Device CAL is perfect for businesses that use fewer devices. If each employee uses only a single device, or if multiple employees even share a terminal, then it's best to purchase a Windows Server 2019 RDS Device CAL. This is a bit cheaper than a User CAL. This allows you to license access through a single device. Buy Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs at it-nerd24 If you need Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs then at it-nerd24 you will find suitable offers. In this way, you can bring your IT infrastructure up to date and benefit from low investment costs.

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Un bon choix pour les entreprises. Merci

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