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Exchange Server: for efficient communication and organizational structure in the company

The Exchange Server from Microsoft is a high-quality software product that makes working in your organization easy and efficient. It enables several employees to handle communication and administration tasks together without getting in each other's way. If you want to buy Microsoft Exchange, you can discover very cheap licenses at it-nerd24

Mails, contacts, appointments: efficient administration with the Exchange Server

Editing e-mail traffic plays an important role in most companies in communicating with customers and business partners. In larger companies, this is often the responsibility of several employees. However, using simple e-mail programs makes collaboration difficult. It can happen often that individual emails are processed twice or that the employees do not answer them at all. However, the Microsoft Exchange Server enables easy and efficient collaboration in answering emails. The software creates meaningful organizational structures that make the management of e-mails by multiple users very easy. However, this is not the only function of this software. Also, you manage your contact data and set appointments. These functions also focus on smooth processing by several employees.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, 2016 and 2013: the different versions

This software already has a long history. The first version of Exchange Microsoft was released in 1993. In the meantime, there were many new releases, which expanded the features and took into account the ever-increasing computing power of the computer. The current version is the Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. This offers extensive functions and high user-friendliness. Also, our range includes the versions 2016 and 2013. Although these are already a bit older, they are a sensible solution for many companies. For example, if you work with an older server operating system or if the hardware does not meet the requirements of the current version, then it is recommended, for example, to use the Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard or the Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise. Also, the older versions are much cheaper. They still offer almost the same functions as the current software.

Standard or Enterprise: which edition is right for your company?

When you purchase this software, you not only have the choice of different versions but also they are available in various editions: Standard and Enterprise. For smaller companies, it makes sense to choose the standard version - for example Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Standard. This makes it possible to set up up to five databases for the storage of e-mails, appointments, and contacts. For larger companies, however, this value is often insufficient. Therefore, it makes sense to use an enterprise edition such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise. This supports up to 100 databases.

Access via Outlook

If you want to take advantage of this software product, you do not have to install it on the server. Also, every employee needs a suitable client program. This is primarily Microsoft Outlook used, which you can also buy at it-nerd24. Also, there are a few other programs from other providers that are eligible for this role.

CALs: licenses for users

The licensing model from Microsoft requires that you not only have to license the actual program that runs on the server but also each client accessing it requires its permission. For this purpose Client Access Licenses (CALs) are used. In doing so, you must take into account that the version and edition must exactly match the server software used.

Buy Microsoft Exchange: benefit from low-cost offers at it-nerd24

At it-nerd24 we offer you very favorable offers for the Exchange licenses. These include both the actual server software and the CALs. In this way, you do not have to invest heavily to make email, contacts, and appointments in your organization easy and efficient.

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