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Windows 10 Home 32/64 Bit
Windows 10 Home 32/64 Bit
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Windows 10 Home - the standard in private households

In regular but unaddressed sections, Microsoft is launching new operating versions for Windows. This is not about small updates, but actually about entire operating systems with innovations in almost all areas. The most recent version that has been available to you for a few years now is Windows 10 Home. The description as the home is to be considered here in contrast to the Pro version. What the differences between the versions and Windows 10 Home for you are the appropriate variant, we want to show you in the episode.

The most interesting features of Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 itself has some new features ready for you. We can not show you any changes to previous versions at this point, but of course, we would like to share some highlights with you. So Windows 10 Home can convince particularly by the speed of the operating system. Of course, this always depends on the hardware and the configuration, but the overall speed of Windows 10 Home is much higher than with older operating systems.

Content highlights are also available, which should make your everyday life easier. Especially Cortana can serve it. Declared as Microsoft's assistant, the improved search function with many other functions should make everyday life easier. Searching, taking notes or managing the calendar are all functions that you can use in the future with Cortana, but of course, you do not have to. Best of all, these features are available through voice control. Even the Windows 10 Home Store is such a highlight. Games, apps and other entertainment are centrally accessible here, but again it is not the only way to install the appropriate software.

This is the home version of Windows 10

Of course, there are differences between the Home and Pro versions. Windows 10 Home is, as the name may already tell you, intended for home users. Whether you're an occasional computer user or a full-blooded nerd, Windows 10 Home gives you all the features you need. Particularly common applications in the corporate environment characterize the Pro version, which is why you as a private user do not have to worry about missing something. And also the usual possibilities to tailor the operating system by hand and adapt are, of course, no problem for advanced users.

Windows 10 Home as a used download version: safe and cheap

You will surely have noticed that the price is very cheap at IT-Nerd24. The reason is quite simple. Used software is part of our core business. This may seem a bit suspicious at first glance, but the depreciation of software, unlike other products, does not exist, which makes this business possible for us and thus for you. This form is also certified, which is why you are also legally on the safe side. After payment, you will receive the activation product key immediately and begin the installation. If you have any questions about our products or problems with the installation, please ask us, we are happy to help!

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