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Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit
Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit
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Windows 10 Pro: higher-end users and business users benefit

The term Windows 10 Pro shows the intended user circle relatively quickly. So it's about professional users or applications in a professional environment. If you're one of those groups, or if you're interested in Windows 10 Pro for another reason, you're in exactly the right place - It-Nerd24. Features that are only implemented in Windows 10 Pro, but not in the Home version, include, for example, a separate store for the entire company and even access can easily be assigned centrally to individual users. What Windows 10 Pro still makes and what benefits you will gain with the purchase at IT-Nerd24, we will show you in the episode.

Security is central: Windows 10 Pro ensures smooth operation

Of course, security is central to all operating systems and all computer-controlled applications. However, in the Pro version, which you may also use in your company environment, security is even more important than in a private environment. As a result, it is not surprising that embedding Windows 10 Pro in a security system is also combined with specific security standards, for example. Also, the security of the operating system itself is already subject to high standards and can be easily equipped with further anti-virus protection. That, too, of course, is possible in networks.

Windows 10 Pro as the latest version of Windows

In addition to the differences that exist in the Windows 10 Home version, there are also some changes to older versions. These are implemented in such operating systems comprehensible on almost all levels, which is why there are relatively many changes in addition to the already increased speed here. For example, in Windows 10 Pro, you enjoy a return to the classic Start menu, where frequently-used programs and other features are listed - a feature that has disappeared in previous versions. This is just one example of many but points out that Windows 10 Pro seeks sophisticated optimizations for users.

Ease of use meets incredible product depth

Windows 10 Pro manages to combine the features of user-friendliness and product depth like hardly any other operating system. The application is intuitive from the first minute, especially if you have already seen one or the other operating system as an experienced user. This property not only applies to folder structures that stay in the classic Windows-style, but also to features like the new Cortana voice assistant. If you are an experienced user who likes to make a lot of settings individually and has a clear idea of what the operating system should offer, you are in the right place with Windows 10 Pro. So you can configure on your own and do similar work.

Windows 10 Pro from IT-Nerd24: That's what we offer

We want to be transparent with our products. So there is, of course, a reason for the low prices. This reason lies in the used software that we offer to our customers. On the product itself has no negative effects, since it is legally secured and the product is not worse. Also, we offer our customers, an extensive consultation. So just contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you!

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