Windows 8.1 Professional 32/64 Bit Full Version Download License

Windows 8.1 Professional 32/64 Bit Full Version Download License




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Buy Windows 8.1 Professional: an operating system for professional users

When setting up a computer, it is important to choose a suitable operating system. This has a high impact on how powerful the computer is, what ease of use it offers and what programs you can do with it. If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable operating system, then the Windows 8.1 download is a good solution for you. This operating system convinces with a very efficient working method, clear and intuitive operation as well as many useful functions. For small businesses and other commercial users, the Professional Edition is particularly suitable.

Windows 8.1 Full Version: Upgraded to Windows 8

In October 2012, Microsoft introduced the Windows 8 operating systemThis replaced the previous version of  Windows 7 and brought numerous innovations with it. It is very important, for example, that Windows now use a unified operating system for PCs and mobile devices. Thus, the software company lifted the previous separation between the two areas. Also, the developers fundamentally revised the internal structures. In many areas, this led to much more efficient processing of the computational processes. One year later Microsoft presented the new version Windows 8.1. Although this was a system-changing upgrade, it is free for Windows 8 users to download. This version responded to a few criticisms that users complained about Windows 8. For example, Microsoft reintroduced the Start menu and also made it possible to start directly on the desktop. Besides, the OneDrive cloud service has become part of the operating system. This makes it even easier to store the data in the cloud. The File Explorer has also been redesigned to provide even more efficient access to the files.

Windows 8.1: Greater computing efficiency

Copying and system operations are among the most common tasks a computer must perform. Of course, how fast these take place depends to a large extent on the hardware used. But the operating system that organizes these processes also plays an important role. With Windows 8, Microsoft managed to significantly increase its efficiency in this area. Therefore, these processes now run much faster. In particular, professional users who often work with larger amounts of data benefit greatly from this improvement.

Everything in view: the operating system with a clear user interface

One of the most striking features of Windows 8 is the novel design of the user interface. This uses many individual tiles that allow direct access to the most important applications. The navigation is often done directly via the apps of the operating system. However, this innovation did not meet the taste of all users. Therefore, when upgrading to Windows 8.1, Microsoft decided to let the user choose: he can choose between the Tile view and the classic desktop view and set up the computer according to his personal preferences.

Optimized for devices with touchscreen

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular. These are characterized by the operation via touchscreen. Even in the PC area, there are more and more products that have a touch screen in addition to the conventional control options. Microsoft responded to this development by standardizing the operating systems. Windows 8 is designed for devices with a touchscreen. Nevertheless, it allows the use of mouse and keyboard, without resulting in a loss of efficiency.

Windows 8.1 Professional: Ideal for small business owners

Windows 8.1 Professional is designed to meet the needs of small business owners and other business users. For example, it allows you to set up a remote desktop to access the company server. Besides, this edition ensures greater data security - for example by encrypting the files.

Buy Windows 8: very cheap at it-nerd24

If you are convinced of the advantages of Windows 8.1 in the Professional Edition, then you can easily order them at it-nerd24. In this way, you benefit from an efficient operating system for professional users, without incurring high costs.

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